Step by Step Guide for Writing a University Thesis

A University thesis is one of the most important parts of your degree. Many universities ask thesis as a representation of cumulative learning of your study. It can be the final component of showing what you have internalized.

The hardest part of writing a university thesis is handling the beginning. This Step by Step Guide for Writing a University thesis includes a list of 7 steps to help you through the process of writing your University thesis. As you gain experience in thesis writing, you can develop your steps and processes. These steps are as follows.

Step 1: Understand and Schedule The Task

 One of the biggest problems students face at the beginning of their studies is not having proper knowledge about the task. Ask your professor or other students, or if you have any questions. Also, make a schedule of subtasks. Otherwise, the whole work will become messy and incomplete.

Step 2: Find Topics and Questions

Once you understand the task, select the specific topic or question you want to investigate. Many times, teachers help in selecting topics. A University thesis is generally selected subjects related to particular major fields.

Step 3: Start The Investigation

Once you’ve decided on the direction of your article, it’s time to start researching the topic. You need to find journals, books, and websites that are helpful for your University thesis. Collect all the primary and secondary data. This will help you to complete your University thesis properly.

Step 4: Make an Outline of Your Thesis

 Once you have compiled all of your research, it can be helpful to put together a summary to organize your thoughts. To make an outline of your thesis, you need to group notes and compare relevant information.

Step 5: Make a Draft

 Once you have organized your research paper, the next step is to make your first draft. You may need multiple drafts, so don’t put too much pressure on the first draft.

Step 6: Write The Final Draft

After revising the first draft, you need to compile the final draft. This draft should be error-free of grammatical mistakes. Make sure your University thesis is well-structured and well-formatted i.e. as instructed in marking rubrics.

Step 7: Format The Appendix and a Special Section

This section of the University thesis is a little time-consuming. Once you’ve written your final draft, your thesis must be revised. For a completed University thesis, you can focus your attention on the appendix sections of the paper. You should also complete your references. It is better to complete by in-texting while writing various sections. For doing this, you need to select and include your references in MS Word. Depending on the instructions you receive, your thesis may need to follow certain styles and such as Harvard or AP style. There are various automatic tools for texting and referencing in the “References” section in MS Word. You can add an automated table of content from the “References” section in MS Word also.